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  • What details should we pay attention to when installing radiators?


    For the installation of radiators, professional installation and construction cannot be less. The installation explanation of radiators is divided into three parts, and the installation of products is divided into seven parts, which shows the importance of the installation and construction of radiators. What are the details of radiator installation and construction? What should owners pay attention to when installing radiators? Next, the radiator master will answer.What details should we pay att

  • What if the radiator blackens the wall?


    Families with radiators in their homes will find that the wall above the radiator next to the wall has been smoked grey or blackened, which has a great impact on the beauty and decoration of the family. It is not only ugly in color, but also difficult to take care of. So what is the reason why the radiator blackens the wall?Generally, the blackened wall is located behind or above the radiator. As the radiator heats the surrounding air, the rise of hot air will drive the flow of dust or particle

  • Those neglected radiator maintenance problems


    As the heating system enters home heating, how to maintain the radiator has become an important topic, and many businesses have made answers in this regard. For example, steel radiators should be maintained with full water; Don't put anything on the radiator when working, which will affect the heat dissipation. When replacing the radiator, it needs to be operated by professionals, etc. Besides, what else should we pay attention to in terms of radiator maintenance?1. Independent heating users

  • What conditions can the radiator be repaired?


    Radiators occupy the primary position in winter heating in the northern market. More than 90% of households choose to use water heating radiators for heating in winter. How much do you know about radiators? What conditions can the radiator be repaired?The spraying on the surface of the radiator is bumped. If the spraying color on the surface of the radiator is bumped or smashed, you can contact its brand business to know what the spraying raw materials are and how to deal with them. After the ma

  • At the beginning of heating, how to solve the problem that the radiator makes a noise?


    The radiator at home makes a sound, which is mainly caused by uneven water flow in the radiator or the scouring of sundries. It will also make a sound when the water inflow and return volume of the radiator are not balanced. In addition, the interface between the heating system and the radiator is not smooth, the heating valves are not fully opened or the opening is too small, and the valves produce a hissing sound, causing the heating water to impact the pipe wall of the radiator and produce a

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