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What are the advantages of installing steel plate radiators at home?

In winter, radiator heating equipment has been inseparable from home heating. There are many kinds of radiators in the market, with the sales of copper aluminum composite radiators, steel radiators and steel panel radiators taking the lead. Among them, steel panel radiators are loved by users. Why can steel panel radiators lead the household central heating market? Here is an analysis of the reasons:

Judging from the current market sales situation, at present, the sales volume of steel panel radiators is considerable, and there are more and more users. According to home heating experts, the reason why steel panel radiators are popular is that their multiple advantages meet the diversified and high-quality needs of current home heating. Compared with other types of radiators, they can bring more comfortable, warm and free home life to centralized home heating users.

1. Fast heat dissipation and comfortable heating. The unique convection fin design increases the heat dissipation area and has the advantage of heat dissipation and energy saving in structure. Low temperature hot water heating, 30% radiation +70% convection heat dissipation, makes heating more comfortable and warm, giving people a feeling of bathing in the sun.

2. It is safe to use and reduces the hidden danger of water leakage. The steel radiator adopts the precise resistance welding process to minimize the welding gap and minimize the damage to the steel, so as not to pollute the heat medium water quality, improve the product performance and reduce the hidden danger of leakage.

3. Fashionable appearance and strong decoration. Most of the steel radiators are classic white, which is also superb in shape design. It is an essential classic for home decoration, and can be perfectly integrated with different decoration styles.

The steel plate radiator has fast heat dissipation and large convective heat exchange flow rate, which makes the room temperature rise within 15-30 minutes, and ensures uniform heat radiation, making the human body feel quiet and comfortable. It is light and efficient, material saving, energy saving, beautiful and environmental protection, and has been highly praised by industry experts and users. It is the best choice for centralized household heating users.

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