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What should we pay attention to when decorating steel panel radiators

In the peak season of house decoration every year, steel panel radiators can be said to be a powerful tool to ensure heating life. You can also think twice about the installation of radiators. What are the skills of installing steel plate radiators? So what should we pay attention to when installing radiators in new houses?

Radiators are mainly divided into open installation and concealed installation. Generally, the installation of radiators in new houses will adopt the method of concealed installation. Concealed radiators can hide heating pipes, which is more beautiful and more economical. However, the installation method of surface mounting can also be adopted. The main feature of surface mounting radiator is that the construction cycle is short, and the current radiator is fashionable and novel, which can also add color and luster to home decoration.

The installation position of the radiator can be designed according to the effect, beauty and safety of the radiator. Generally, the radiator is mostly installed under the window, which can not only use the principle of hot air to enhance the heat dissipation effect, but also prevent the entry of cold air and maintain the balance and stability of room temperature.

As the radiator is a consumer durables that needs a validation period, the necessary testing is indispensable. After installation, the construction personnel should carry out the stamping test. If there is no leakage, it is qualified. As for the specific installation process, please refer to the radiator installation process of this station - installation steps and precautions of surface mounted radiators. This includes many details that need to be paid attention to. It must be an experienced installation team.

The radiator heats up rapidly: the floor heating needs to store heat first, and the heating up speed is slow. Generally, it takes several hours to raise the temperature. Compared with the floor heating, the radiator does not need to store heat, and the heat of hot water is directly transferred to the indoor air. Therefore, the heating up speed of the radiator is rapid, and it only takes half an hour to basically reach the indoor set temperature. It is very suitable for modern people with a fast pace of life, without waiting too long, You can enjoy warmth.

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