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Introduction of service life and maintenance methods of steel panel radiators

In cold winter, people in the North mostly rely on radiators for heating. The use of radiators has begun to become very common. People should not only choose good radiators, but also maintain them. Next, let's introduce the service life of steel panel radiators and the corresponding maintenance methods by Xiaobian!

1. Water quality of water supply: water quality is always the first factor affecting the service life of radiators. Radiators are more likely to be corroded in complex water quality, which consumers must understand before buying products. If the heating water quality in the community is messy, it is recommended that you choose the radiator with super anti-corrosion inside, so as to ensure the service life of the radiator to the maximum. If you are a self heating user, and the water quality can be controlled by yourself, then you can choose medium-sized anti-corrosion radiators, which can save a lot of money.

2. Radiator process: steel panel radiators are generally made of high-quality low-carbon steel as raw materials, with excellent corrosion resistance. Through internal anti-corrosion treatment technology, their service life is more than 10 years.

Introduction of maintenance methods for steel radiators

1. Full water maintenance: consumers should carry out full water maintenance to ensure that the oxygen content in the heating is low, reduce corrosion and prolong service life. However, according to the experimental conclusion of the gas slice, the biggest corrosion to the steel heating is bacteria. In a humid environment, some anaerobic bacteria will accelerate the reproduction and produce a large amount of acid. The corrosion to the steel is very serious, and a hole can be quickly corroded in a few months, which is basically the same as the principle of tooth decay.

2. The valve on the heating pipe cannot be opened and closed at will: when the heating system moves for the first time, it generally needs to be debugged. Specifically, for each household, it is to adjust the valve of each riser to the appropriate position, open the manual air release valve of each radiator to discharge the air collected in the radiator, or open the exhaust valve of the air collector installed on the top of the system to exhaust, until each radiator is hot, the debugging is completed, Once the commissioning is completed, the valve should be fixed and cannot be opened or closed at will.

The above content is what Xiaobian summarized for you about the factors that affect the service life of steel radiators and the methods of maintaining steel radiators. Steel radiator is a relatively new type of radiator at present. Consumers should pay more attention to its maintenance while enjoying the heating brought by steel radiator. Learn more about the factors that affect the service life of steel radiators, so that you can pay more attention to them in your daily life.

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