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What are the characteristics of steel panel radiators?

There are many types of radiators. Among many types of radiators, the type of radiator is a mainstream type. What is the specific heat dissipation principle of steel plate radiators? What are the advantages and disadvantages of steel panel radiators compared with other types of radiators?

Heat dissipation principle of steel plate radiator

Steel panel radiators are mainly used in closed heating systems. Water is used as the heat medium carrier, which is connected to the radiator through pipes. Finally, the appropriate temperature is output through the radiator, and the heat circulation is carried out by using the air principle to make the temperature of the whole room rise evenly. It can be seen that the heat dissipation effect of steel plate radiator mainly depends on water temperature, room temperature, radiator performance and other factors. If the room temperature is low, the room space is large, and the airtightness is poor, and it is easy to dissipate heat, then the heat dissipation effect of the radiator will be greatly reduced, and it can not well meet people's heating needs.

What are the advantages of steel panel radiators

1. Efficient heating: large water flow, small water resistance, less energy consumption of the system, adopt convection heat dissipation mode, and improve the temperature quickly;

2. Strong comfort: the steel has the characteristics of macromolecules, which is suitable for the penetration of water molecules, and it will not feel obviously dry when used;

3. Easy to clean: the surface is smooth, not easy to scale, and will not form dust dead corners;

4. Strong decoration: uniform spraying, bright colors, long-lasting use, never fade, and a variety of styles can be selected;

5. Environmental protection and health: rapid temperature rise, low carbon and energy conservation, green environmental protection, no harm to human health, and no odor under high temperature;

6. High cost performance: excellent performance, but the price is very cheap, so that ordinary families can afford it

8. Strong adaptability: it has a wide range of applications at home and abroad, and is generally suitable for closed heating systems with hot water as the heating medium.

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