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Preliminary preparation and location selection of radiator installation

With the arrival of winter, household heating has become the focus of attention. One of the most popular heating methods is the radiator. In fact, the benefits of radiator heating are indeed many, but the installation of radiators is not a trivial matter, which can not be completed casually. Today, I will introduce the preliminary preparations and precautions for the installation of radiators, hoping to help you.

Radiator installation - preparation before radiator installation

Before installing radiators, the owner should make preparations in the early stage, first understand the heating environment and water quality characteristics of the community or office, and it is best to plan the installation of radiators before construction, such as whether it is necessary to increase the number of radiators.

Central heating families can choose steel column radiators, because this type of radiators can withstand large system pressure, and the community with high oxygen content in the water is not suitable for using steel radiators, and copper aluminum composite radiators should be selected. Finally, confirm with the construction personnel the number of radiators, the width of a single piece, the indirect distance between radiators, the way of water inlet and outlet, and the center distance of the interface to fix the pipeline and seal the groove. It is required that the size should be accurate to avoid delaying the construction process.

Radiator installation - location selection of radiator installation

The radiator in the living room and bedroom is best installed under the windowsill, which can not only maintain the balance of indoor temperature, but also heat the air drilled in from the window crack. Some users are used to putting furniture such as sofas and tables near the radiator. In fact, this will affect the heat dissipation effect of the radiator.

There are many factors to consider when installing radiators in the kitchen. First, determine the cabinet position, and then determine the installation position of radiators according to the cabinet position, which will not affect the use of the kitchen and has both beauty. The kitchen has a lot of cooking fumes and sundries, and the pots and pans can't be less. Therefore, in order to avoid clutter, the kitchen radiator can choose the bathroom radiator, which is small in size, takes up less space and is easy to clean.

The bathroom radiator can also be installed in the bathroom. As for the specific installation position, you can choose a place slightly closer to the bathing position, which needs to be warm when bathing.

Whether the radiator is installed well or not directly affects the heating quality of the whole winter. If you want to make the best use of the radiator, don't underestimate these things. Knowing the early preparation and location selection of the radiator installation as soon as possible will help your radiator play a better product value.

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