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What do users need to pay attention to when installing radiators?

Radiator heating is still a popular form of heating at present. Installing radiators is not familiar to all users. After knowing the corresponding precautions for installation, it can be more targeted during installation and make the heating effect more ideal for future use.

1. The radiator installation time should be well controlled

When is it better to install the radiator? Usually it's best after warming up. Generally, property management units need to check and repair the heating system. During this period, there is plenty of time to install radiators, and they can catch up with the professional inspection during the season, which can ensure the connection quality of the heating and heating system. Another time is before heating. The radiator installed at this time can catch up with the heating and water test. Whether the radiator and connectors at home leak can be seen. At this time, it is also the peak decoration season, with sufficient heating supply, large choice and relatively cheap price.

2. The brand of radiator must be guaranteed

Brands must be guaranteed, but there are hundreds of heating brands in the current market, among which it is inevitable that "good and bad people mix", and those brands that have been verified by time and relevant departments are still very guaranteed in quality. This requires users to be sure, and pay attention to the selection of products of famous brands, especially after in-depth understanding of the performance, attributes and quality of radiators, it is better to buy one.

3. Choose suitable radiator materials

At present, the material selection of radiators is relatively large, but users do not buy what they want, but need to depend on the local water quality. Steel radiators are afraid of oxidation and corrosion, and "oxygen isolation" should be adopted. For example, oxygen should be eliminated in circulating water. After heating is stopped, the heating pipeline must be filled with water to prevent air from entering, that is, the so-called "full water protection". Otherwise, Oxygen will corrode the steel heating unscrupulously. Now there are some radiators made of other materials. Users need to choose the right products.

When installing radiators, we must install them properly. The reason why many radiators have problems is not a big problem, but most of them are related to installation, so we must pay attention to inviting professional staff to install them.

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